BEAGH at Ballymoney/Knockaneady Cemetery

BEAGH at Ballymoney/Knockaneady Cemetery



Cork County Archaeologist assists BEAHG heritage group to explore and repair a 300 year old tomb, at Ballymoney/Knockaneady Graveyard.
The Tomb shown above is uninscribed but is reputed to be the burial place of William Daunt and succeeding generations. William Daunt is the first of the Kilcascan Daunts. He acquired Kilcascan Castle in 1712.A defendant from a neighbouring family from that period confirmed the tomb as belonging to Daunt of Kilcascan.  The tomb entrance slab (see photo) is open and has been like this for many years.
It was decided to enter the tomb on 8 June 2010 and investigate.  The exploration was supervised by Catryn Power Cork County Archaeologist. JERRY AHERNE, experienced speleologist provided expert light, photography and advice. It was hoped to confirm the identity of those interred but unfortunately no evidence of coffin plates remained. Many skeletal bones were visible and spread around. The bones were interspersed with some coffin studs & handles. The skeletal remains appeared laid out as if the coffins were placed along the South wall (3), West wall (2) and North wall (3). Examination by Catryn Power determined at least two remains were very young children. One adult 20s had evidence of a bad abscess which may have been fatal.
Structurally the tomb is sound and dry. The walls were plastered & appeared painted (white). The ceiling and roof was arched stone. The floor was stone slabbed. The Ballineen Enniskeane Area Heritage Group BEAHG decided that the tomb should resealed. The door slab was lifted out and placed to one side. This exposed the  back filling which was removed down to about 5′ At this level the door slab resting step was exposed (First step). Further probing uncovered a series of six access steps each 4′ wide x 2′ x 8″ deep. The access steps were bound each side by stone walls to ground level so as the structure formed an integral part  and framed the access. The structure & stone work was built to a high standard.
To seal the Tomb the door slab was lowered into position closing the entrance. The bottom of the door slab was secured with a  purpose made horizontal locking slab (4′ x 2′ x 6″) which was placed flat. It fitted neatly into the second step to lock the base of the door slab. Photo above. All excavated soil was replaced to cover the entrance as found. BEAHG are pleased to report that the tomb was ecumenically blessed on 14 July 2010.

  1. Brian Kearney

    October 21, 2013

    Thanks to the photos of the headstones,I discovered the headstone, in remarkable condition, erected by my great-great grandfather Michael Kearney of Lettergorman to his daughter Eleanor Kearney Beamish, who died in 1829 aged 21.I visited the grave last Saturday, having travelled down from Dublin.I do not have your e-mail address, but given the size of the surrounds of the grave I am wondering if there are any records of other Kearneys buried there . Congratulations on your excellent work.


  2. Brian Kearney

    October 21, 2013

    I believe that I may be cut off from any reply. Please let ne know if I am in the loop.

  3. hi ,

    you are indeed in the link; I am enquiring from the local BEAHG (Ballineen Enniskean Archaeological and Historical Group) if they know of any other members of the Kearney family buried in Ballymoney graveyard. They produced a very detailed survey a few years ago. I will get back to you.


    • Tina definis

      November 18, 2016

      Hi catryn,
      I would love to read the survey done of the graves that was done by your group and michael O’connell. I believe I have my Tanner Family in some of those graves and have been doing some research. How could I go about getting a copy of that to read? Thank you.

      • hi Tina

        I will get back to you with the information as soon as possible.

      • hi TINA

        MICHAEL O’CONNELL OF BEAHG has kindly sent the following infomation for you:

        In response to your email I have uncovered the following. I hope it helps. The Story of Old Ballymoney book’s all gone. Copies available in some libraries.
        Michael O’Connell

        Old Ballymoney Graveyard
        10a Noonan Noonan F/Lt James DSO 11 Aug 1955
        Kearney Kearney Beamish Ellenr 7 Feb 1829
        Kearney Thaddeus 29 Apr 1918
        & his Wife Kate A 27 Sept 1921

        Old Ballymoney Graveyard
        19 Tanner Erected by – Edward Tanner – Tullyglass –
        In memory of his beloved Daughter –
        Susan Tanner – Who departed life
        September 3rd 1856 Aged 23 years. 3 Sept1856
        May her Soul Rest in Peace Amen

        St Pauls Graveyard
        32 Tanner 1881 Erected by her affectionate husband to the memory of
        Elisabeth Tanner who
        Died 22 April 1881 aged 25 years
        Footstone with ET
        “ Blessed are the dead who die by the lord” Rev.14.13

        42 Tanner 1959 In loving memory of
        John Tanner died 29th July 1959
        His brothers Richard died 21st September 1981 –
        Late of Rathroon Bandon.
        Joseph Died 4 July 1993,
        Michael died 18th May 1998.
        “ Forever With The Lord “

        54 Tanner/Wood 1930 In loving memory of
        Annie Wood Tanner wife of Walter Tanner
        who fell asleep on March 15th 1930
        Also Elizabeth Tanner 22 April 1881 aged 25 (DW)
        “ Thy will be done
        55 Tanner 1982 In loving memory of
        Jonothan & Sarah Tanner – Desert also
        Joyce Tanner died 19 August 1982 –
        her husband John died 15 July 1987.
        “ Thy will be done’
        Erected by her loving husband and family

        76 Tanner 1939 The burial place ofThomas Tanner
        late of Ballineen and family of
        Kilbrogan Hill Bandon
        Elizabeth Tanner (Nee Mac Carthy) who
        died July 22th 1926.
        Thomas Tanner died March 6th 1939 1 Trace
        Sarah Tanner died June 1st 1970.
        Margaret Tanner died April 22nd 1969 1

        Ballymoney Parish Records 1805-1873
        Mar 3 1843 Tanner Richard Tanner form Ross aged 88 years interred
        1848 Apr 9 Tanner Edward Tanner of Ross aged 101 years interred

        1861 Feb 22 Tanner Jane Tanner Rosscarbery Aged 60.


  4. Brian Kearney

    October 22, 2013


    • hi Brian,

      Michael O’Connell of BEAGH (Ballineen Enniskean Archaeological and Historical Group) will get on to you himself, or one of his colleagues will, with regard to the Kearney Beamish grave.


  5. Margaret Garvey

    January 15, 2014

    Love this spot.


  6. Tina deFinis

    July 17, 2017

    Thank you thank you thank you! I’m sorry for the delay, for some reason I never got a notification, so am just seeing this now!! I will follow up researching them. Thanks again!


  7. catryn power

    July 18, 2017

    AND THANK YOU MICHAEL O’Connell of BEAGH (Ballineen Enniskean Archaeological and Historical Group)


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